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Training Games and Activities to Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

Training Games and Activities to Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

Just like humans, dogs need mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Providing your dog with mental enrichment through training games and puzzle toys is a great way to prevent boredom and other behavioral issues. With some creativity, you can come up with endless mentally stimulating activities to entertain your furry friend. This article will provide a variety of fun training games and activities that will keep your dog's mind sharp and engaged.

The Importance of Mental Stimulation for Dogs

Dogs are intelligent animals that thrive when their minds are active. Providing mental stimulation taps into their natural problem-solving skills and satisfies their curiosity. Mental exercise prevents destructive behaviors that can develop from boredom and pent-up energy. Additionally, mental stimulation can strengthen the bond between you and your dog as you work together on fun puzzles and challenges. Just like physical exercise, mental exercise for dogs should be part of their routine care. Try to incorporate training games and puzzles into your dog's daily life for optimal mental health.

Training Games For Mental Enrichment

Training games are a great way to tire out your dog's mind and reinforce important commands and skills. Here are some fun training game ideas:

Hide and Seek

Hide treats or toys around the house and have your dog search for them using commands like "find it!" This game taps into their natural scavenging instincts. Increase the difficulty by hiding items in harder spots over time.

Shell Game

Place a treat under one plastic cup or bowl while your dog watches. Shuffle the cup around with two empty cups. Have your dog use their nose to sniff out which cup contains the treat. This helps build their scenting skills.

Obstacle Course

Set up a homemade agility course with items like tunnels, weave poles and jumps. Guide your dog through the course with commands and reward with praise and treats upon completion. Obstacle courses are mentally and physically stimulating.


Hide scented objects like tennis balls around the house and yard and command your dog to "find the scent!" Having your dog use their nose to track down items helps tire out their mind. You can shape this into a fun hide-and-seek guessing game.

Recall Games

Have your dog sit-stay or down-stay while you hide. Call them to come find you using their recall command. Increase the distance and add distractions over time to proof their recall. An eager game of back-and-forth works your dog's mind and improves recall reliability.

Food Puzzle Toys For Mental Enrichment

Food puzzle toys provide mental stimulation by challenging your dog to move the toy in certain ways to earn kibble or treats. Start with basic puzzles and increase the difficulty level to keep your dog engaged over time. Here are some great food puzzle toys to try:


A Kong is a classic food puzzle toy. You can stuff it with peanut butter, cheese, or your dog's kibble and have them lick out the contents. For extra challenge, buy a Kong Wobbler that dispenses food as it wobbles around.

Food Cubes

Food cube puzzles involve sliding wood or plastic covers to reveal hiding spots for treats. Manipulating the cube to find all the rewards provides great mental stimulation.

Snuffle Mats

A snuffle mat is a textured mat you hide treats and kibble inside. Your dog has to sniff, nuzzle and forage through the mat to locate all the goodies. This mimics natural hunting behaviors.


Spread treats, peanut butter or wet food on a Lickimat's textured surface. Your dog will enjoy licking and scraping the mat clean. The grooves catch and hold the food, making it a challenging licking puzzle.

Nina Ottosson Puzzles

This company makes interactive dog puzzles where your dog has to lift flaps, slide covers and maneuver game pieces to reveal hidden food rewards. The puzzles start simple and increase in complexity to continue challenging your dog.

Outdoor Activities For Mental Enrichment

Head outside for some mentally stimulating activities in nature. Outdoor games get your dog's mind working in fresh environments. Here are some outdoor mental enrichment ideas:

Backyard Agility

Set up an agility course in your backyard using obstacles like tunnels, weave poles, teeter totters, hurdles and climbing platforms. Running through a homemade obstacle course provides mental and physical exercise.

Scavenger Hunt

Send your dog on an outdoor scavenger hunt! Hide treats and toys around your yard and give verbal clues for your dog to locate the hidden items. This gets their senses working overtime.

Water Fun

Dogs love splashing around in water. Float toys and treats in a kiddie pool or sprinkler for your dog to bob for. Having them use their problem-solving skills to fish items out of the water provides mental and physical enrichment.

Digging Pit

Provide a designated digging pit filled with sand or dirt for your dog to dig around and bury toys. Digging taps into your dog's natural instincts and provides an appropriate outlet. Bury treats for added mental stimulation.

Nature Walks

New sights, sounds and smells on a nature walk give your dog's brain a workout. Let them safely explore and sniff new environments to satisfy their curiosity. Bring puzzle toys along too!

Learning Tricks Provides Mental Stimulation

Teaching your dog new tricks keeps their mind active and strengthens your bond. Training tricks provides mental stimulation through the learning process. Practice short, frequent training sessions to teach your dog clever new skills like:

  • Spin circles
  • Shake hands
  • High-five
  • Wave hello/goodbye
  • Crawl
  • Close doors
  • Ring bells to go outside
  • Play dead
  • Balance treats on nose
  • Fetch specific toys by name

Use positive reinforcement training methods and keep trick sessions fun and rewarding! Your dog will love showing off their new skills. Learning tricks provides feel-good mental stimulation for you and your dog.

Games to Play Indoors With Your Dog

Don't let bad weather ruin your dog's enrichment! There are plenty of mentally stimulating games you can play indoors with your furry friend:


A game of tug-of-war channels your dog's natural prey drive in a safe way. Use a rope toy and engage your dog in a friendly game of back-and-forth tugging. Play tug, then command "drop it" and reward with treats.


Toss a soft ball or plush toy to your dog and have them bring it back to you. The running back and forth provides physical and mental exercise. Work on polite catch and "drop it" commands too.

Find the Treat Under the Cup

Let your dog watch as you hide a treat under a plastic cup or bowl. Shuffle it around with empty cups/bowls and have your dog sniff out the treat. Increase the difficulty by adding more cups or doing it around corners.

Blanket Burrow

Drape blankets over chairs to make cozy burrows and hide treats inside. Your dog will enjoy burrowing through blankets and using their nose to sniff out all the goodies. Change up blanket burrow locations to keep it exciting.

Food Puzzle Toys

Offer food puzzle toys like Kongs, snuffle mats or Nina Ottosson puzzles to keep your dog mentally stimulated on rainy days. Vary the puzzles to keep the challenges fresh and appealing.

Safety Tips for Mental Enrichment Games

While mental stimulation games are beneficial for dogs, make sure to supervise your dog and incorporate the following safety tips:

  • Use dog-safe toys that can't be shredded or ingested. Avoid small objects that could pose choking hazards if improperly chewed or swallowed.

  • Monitor your dog's stress levels during new games. Stop any activity if your dog shows signs of anxiety or frustration.

  • Clean up all uneaten treats and pieces of toys after a game is over so your dog doesn't ingest them later.

  • Don't allow unsupervised play with food puzzles and chew toys to prevent excessive calorie intake or aggressive chewing behaviors.

  • Provide plenty of water during mentally stimulating games, especially on hot days or with rigorous activity.

  • Adjust games based on your dog's abilities and don't over-challenge them to the point of giving up or feeling defeated. Keep games positive!

With supervision and some common-sense safety tips, you can enjoy endless engaging activities that provide mental enrichment for your happy, healthy canine companion.


Providing your dog with mental stimulation through training games, puzzle toys and creative activities is important for their health and happiness. Keeping your dog's mind active and engaged prevents boredom-related behavior problems. Use a variety of games and change them up regularly to keep your dog interested and mentally sharp. Tap into your dog's natural abilities during play like their desire to sniff, forage, dig and problem-solve. Mental exercise should be part of your dog's routine just like physical exercise. With some imagination and planning, you can come up with endless enriching mental stimulation for your furry best friend.

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